Tabadul System
Mresco Company for real estate solutions created a unique flexible exchange system adhered to Islamic principles to ensure the best utilization of added value services based on points

• Tabadul Exchange System contains five memberships (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue) were classified and prepared to suit the various needs of members .Keeping in mind that as members move from blue membership to platinum membership, they will enjoy more benefits.

• Owner of the SAK can join one of these memberships (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue) depending on the type of the SAK and type of the project which posses through his SAK

.Advantages of Tabadul system

1. Exchange points with a selected network of 5 or 4 stars resorts & Hotels in the world.

2. Exchange points with airline tickets for family with several airlines.

3. Exchange points with rent a car services from international providers.

4. Exchange points with food & beverages offered at your hotel.

5. Exchange points with entertainment services such as cruises & safari trips.

Tabadul online
Using the online Tabadul Service, sokouk holder will be able to access his/her accounts over the Internet via Tabadul Online Portal. All the services provided by the Tabadul services are available on the Portal ( such as Reservations of Hotel Rooms, Air tickets, Car Rental and meals. The SAK holder will be able to manage his points online by points purchase, transfer, borrow and gifting. Online payments and support inquiries will be available on the portal. All of these services are provided with comfort and highest level of security and safety